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Tiny Swedish Princess Estelle completely stole the show at her cousin’s christening, as tiny Swedish princesses should.

Aww! So adorable!!

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when ur crush says hi to you


when ur crush asks how ur doing


when ur crush gets a girlfriend


Garden of Knowledge and Virtue

It’s almost two years since I’ve graduated from IIUM for my Bachelor Degree. IIUM had taught me various kind of knowledge, not only academic knowledge but those relate to worldly life and hereafter.

I did not quite know it then but enrolling in IIUM was much more than the beginning of my university life, but as well was the beginning of my life’s long journey. It was my first being away from my family, and living in a totally unfamiliar place with different culture. The path that I had independently chosen was filled with struggle, independence, knowledge, loss, and yet a lot to gain. Being a student at IIUM as a whole has made me stronger, more determined, and made my objectives in life more clear.

Meeting people from different countries and different background in the University had enabled me to expand my outlook on life and helped me see life from different perspectives. Living in IIUM was very different than my lifestyle in Brunei and thus took me quite a while to adjust to.

Learning about the Malaysian culture and other cultures helped me appreciate the diversity and beauty of all the cultures. Being in IIUM for four years has taught me that life is not just about receiving but is also about giving back. I strongly feel that my sacrifices did not go in vain.

I’ve learnt a lot of things there and those are things like humanity, your relationship with the One and Only Creator, to have an absolute faith in the existence of Allah SWT and he Day of Judgment, the dos and don’ts to Muslims and many more.

In IIUM, I learnt that everyone is indeed under Allah’s mercy and help. In all honesty, I’ve made mistakes that I am not proud of. But through all these things, I’ve discovered true friends, lessons that worth a lifetime and amazing things about my Deen. I am grateful to Allah SWT for the experiences and obstacles that He had put me through, and also for the strength He had given and sent the amazing and great people around me that He had blessed me with.

Honestly, IIUM is the biggest piece of yesterday that still haunts me, day and night. Not in a bad way, of course. It always leave me smiling and sometimes in tears, but tears that I can’t describe the reason behind it, yet I’m sure that the tears aren’t because of sadness. Or maybe I can simply say, it’s a longing. Longing for the past to happen again, even for few hours, just to give the heart a nice feeling for a while. Well, reminiscing the past is indeed one of my best abilities. Hehe.

IIUM had witnessed my hardships, my happiness, my struggles, my laughter, my devastation, my sadness, my bad days, my sweetest memories, and everything that I’ve been through for four years. IIUM is indeed an important part of me. And it contributes a lot to what I am today. May Allah bless all the people that had taught me a lot about life and relationships and friendships. Thank you Allah for making IIUM as part of my journey.

Indeed, it was a garden of knowledge; I have witnessed lecturers whose every word is like a pearl of wisdom, truth and empowerment that they give to their students with passion and humility. Indeed, it was a garden of virtue, it was here that I learnt the greatness of Syariah, it was here that I met the potential leaders of my Ummah, and  it was here that I found people with dreams like my own.

I did miss my friends and my life as an IIUM student. A lot! Thank you Allah for sending those amazing and wonderful people into my life and have such a big impact on my life. Ya Allah, please protect them and bless them with imaan and taqwa.

Thank you IIUM, there has never been a single day passed without you being remembered. I will never forget where I’m going, but too, never forget where I came from. And I’m truly proud of it. 

Lots of love all the way from Canterbury, Kent.

Keep your parents smiling. They spent their days, and nights keeping you from crying.



Mau apapun isinya, sesuai sama suasana hati atau nggak, fiksi atau nyata, sesampah apa juga,

Buat gue, nulis itu terapi paling ampuh.

Setuju! :D

Writing about my emotions and thoughts ease my mind and somehow, it’s my stress-reliever.


"Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it.”
- Imam Ali (a)


"Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it.”

- Imam Ali (a)

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